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Take advantage of the deep understanding of travel and tourism we’ve acquired through five years of continuous travel and living around the world. The sections on What to Expect give a glimpse of how things are done in other countries to prepare you for some of the differences and reassure you by illustrating the similarities. The Tips sections provides practical advice while the Resources segments supply helpful links for when you go abroad to Travel, Live, Give or Learn.



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Travel Tips

Boomer Travel Tip: July 16th

Gas prices too high to drive this summer? Take the train or the bus–it’s relaxing and often cheaper.

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Boomer Travel Tip: July 15th

Europe continues to be the most popular destination–that’s why airline prices keep going up!

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Baby Boomers Traveling

Spreading Kindness Through a 5,000 Mile Hike Across The USA

By Kirk Sinclair Everyone wishes for those golden years when we can gain the independence to pursue our dreams. For my wife Cindy and me, we wished for a return to the long distance backpacking we did when we were [...]

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