The Boomers Guide to Going Abroad to Travel | Live | Give | Learn

Why Not Travel & Live Abroad?

Get more for your money, go sooner and more often by planning your own travels.

Here is your complete reference on what you can expect when going abroad to travel, live, give and learn. You will refer to this guide again and again.

“Doris Gallan has done a great job providing everything that boomers need to travel – or live – abroad in just the style they want. Highly recommended.”

Qatana Samanen,
Phoenixville, PA

You will discover how easy it is to:

  • Quickly get comfortable in a foreign country so that you can start enjoying yourself in as short a time as possible.
  • Always find something tasty and safe to eat and drink no matter where or how budget-challenged you may be.
  • Book accommodations that provide more than just a safe place to sleep in every style and every price range.
  • Stay safe and healthy by taking steps before you leave and avoiding common situations that trip up travelers.
  • Find and organize information as well as evaluate the usefulness of what you uncover on visas, destinations, activities, schools and volunteer organizations.
  • Laugh when things don’t go as planned—I give you plenty of stories from my own travels to get you started.

“In sum and substance, this book covers everything you could possibly know before you embark on the adventure of a lifetime…this book will help you avoid pitfalls that are possible to avoid or at least be prepared for. I highly recommend it.”

Boyd Lemon

Doris provides practical advice from the point of view of a baby boomer and offers pragmatic solutions that deal with issues often ignored by the tourism and travel industries. She has spoken to and surveyed hundreds of boomers on their needs and counsels many on “the fun side of retirement” through travel coaching, seminars and workshops.

Thousands of people have read her advice on how to reach their travel dreams sooner. What are you waiting for?

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